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Work Zone Mobility

Barrels and barricades set up on 100th Street near US-131 in Kent County.
Department of Transportation

Work Zone Mobility

The Michigan transportation system is critical to supporting a vibrant economy by moving traffic and freight safely and efficiently.

Growing congestion on Michigan roads with an increased need to perform rehabilitation and reconstruction is resulting in complex challenges to maintain work zone safety and mobility. 

Learn more about Work Zone Safety in Michigan.

Mike DeBoer, Work Zone Manager
Chris Brookes, Work Zone Delivery Engineer

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Pledge to Protect MI Work Zones

Traffic Regulating Video

Traffic Regulating

The role of a traffic regulator is crucial to the success of a well-run traffic operation. Traffic regulating is a full-time job. Careless use of the sign or distraction from duty could cause serious injury to yourself, other workers, or the public.

By performing your duty diligently, you can do your part to prevent traffic incidents in your work area.

Traffic Regulator Instruction Manual