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The Bureau of Transportation Planning's role is to develop and implement a comprehensive transportation planning process which results in investments that are consistent with the financial, social, and economic policies of the State Transportation Commission. Major responsibilities include: strategic planning and policy development, multimodal planning, program management, maintaining federal aid eligibility, stewardship, planning for security and mobility, economic development, strategic information technology and tools, asset management, and operations-oriented process support.

Bridges & Structures

The Bureau of Bridges and Structures is responsible for statewide policy and procedure development and execution to ensure all bridges and structures are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated to ensure safety of the traveling public.

Highway Programs

Access Management• Adopt-a-Highway• Aesthetic Opportunities • Pure Michigan Byways• Intelligent Transportation Systems• Noise Abatement• Roadside Development• Storm Water Management

Grant Programs

MDOT provides funding for competitive grant programs and loan programs primarily, but not exclusively, for state and local road agencies.

Research Administration

MDOT's Research Administration Supports and promotes innovative research and encourages its implementation for safe, sustainable and cost-effective transportation solutions that keep Michigan moving.