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Pure Michigan Byways

M-119 Byway in Emmet County, Michigan.
Department of Transportation

Pure Michigan Byways

Pure Michigan Byways offer a rich taste of all the grandeur and diversity the Great Lakes State has to offer. Outstanding natural beauty and many sites of historical, scenic, recreational and cultural significance have earned Michigan its place at the top of the list of travel destinations.

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff or merely enjoy a relaxing drive in the country, Pure Michigan Byways will take you there.

So, take the road less traveled and discover the wonders of Michigan's Byways.


Driving Guide

Michigan’s wonders are easily accessible from the collection of 23 state and National Byways and Tour Routes. Each byway description in this guide highlights scenic, natural, historical, cultural and archaeological attractions along the route. Maps and information regarding availability of services, time needed to drive and enjoy each byway and tour route, best times of year to travel are also included. The routes are categorized by their designation.

Pure Michigan Byways and Tour Routes Driving Guide

Apply for a Michigan Byway Designation

  1. Verify the route is on a state trunkline (I, M or U.S. route).
  2. Be prepared to show evidence of support from local units of government along the proposed byway.
  3. Prepare the pre-application form listing at least one or more of the following intrinsic qualities of the route: scenic, historic, recreational, cultural, archaeological, or natural.

MDOT will make an initial review of the proposed route's eligibility. If the route has potential, the sponsor will submit a full application form and be instructed to proceed with the process. The application will be evaluated and, if the road meets criteria, it will become a Pure Michigan Byway.

How to Apply

Full Application Form

Questions? Contact MDOT Planning at