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Toward Zero Deaths

MDOT and the Michigan State Police are continuing the Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) statewide-safety campaign in 2023. The campaign is based on the National Strategy on Highway Safety intended to influence driver behavior and improve safety. With nearly 42,800 fatalities occurring on U.S. highways each year, road safety remains one of the most challenging issues facing Michigan and the nation.

Driver behavior factors into nearly 90 percent of all fatal crashes and one key to changing driver behavior is educating the public. One way MDOT is contributing to education efforts is by posting safety and fatality messages message signs throughout Michigan.

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Graphic displaying Michigan's weekly road fatality numbers.

Become a TZD Champion

The first step to improving the nation's traffic safety culture is to establish a TZD vision with key stakeholders. Through the Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission, Michigan has created the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). MDOT's vision of TZD on Michigan roads goes hand-in-hand with the SHSP goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by 2050 - because all road users should arrive at their destinations safely!

You can support the safety culture in Michigan and become a TZD champion by having your organization incorporate the official TZD logo on your website, ads, brochures, posters, and other communications. Select from two versions of the TZD logo and download.

Visit Toward Zero Deaths to learn more about the national strategy.

Toward Zero Deaths & Safe System Approach

TZD focuses on creating a culture of safety because no one should be killed or seriously injured while using the roadway network. The Safe System Approach (SSA) is the tool MDOT will utilize to achieve the TZD vision. Although TZD is a statewide campaign and SSA is the tool we utilize to obtain zero, one cannot exist without the other. A Safe System needs to be in place if we are to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries, and SSA requires a culture that places safety first when making roadway system investment decisions.

Our Goal is ZERO! Video

Our Goal is ZERO!

Zero is not an impossible goal, but it will take all of us to get there.

MDOT is dedicated to improving traffic safety in Michigan to reduce serious injuries and eliminate road fatalities because one road fatality is one too many.

Stay safe, drive smart!

TZD Takes Everyone Video