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Property Disposal

  • MDOT acquires land for highway construction. There may be surplus land that remains upon completion of highway construction. MDOT may no longer have a need to retain the surplus land. If MDOT determines the surplus land is no longer needed, it may be deemed as excess property and may be made available for purchase by direct sale or public auction. The surplus property may be vacant land or land improved with buildings.

  • An application is submitted to request if MDOT owned property is available to be purchased.

  • MDOT is required by federal regulations to sell excess property at current market value. An appraisal is performed to determine market value. 

  • MDOT policy and federal regulations do not provide for negotiating the sale of excess property at less than appraised market value.

  • MDOT will not pay real estate commissions.

  • The process can take a minimum of nine months to a year or more. Once the sale has been approved and signed purchase agreement and payment have been submitted a deed is sent to be recorded within 10 days.