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G. Robert Adams


G. Robert Adams helped transform the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) into becoming a world class organization. In 1969, Adams brought public hearings to the forefront so that citizens could have their input into transportation projects. He was instrumental in the 1969 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Environment Act, which helped address environmental issues and planning around transportation projects. This action led to the creation of an environmental section within MDOT. In the 1990s, he brought new business practices to MDOT, helped develop the first business plan, and introduced quality initiatives for process re-engineering. His leadership contributed to the development of transportation management systems, which led to asset management principles, allowing MDOT the opportunity to distribute resources among alternative investment options and to become a national leader in managing Michigan's transportation infrastructure. Adams won two national awards for highway design beautification on US-131 in Kent County and on US-31 in Oceana County. Serving as chief deputy director starting in 1989, Adams retired from MDOT in 1996.

Michigan Transportation Hall of Honor, 2018