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Martin (Marty) F. Schultz, Jr.


Martin "Marty" F. Schultz, Jr. (1927-2012) began his career with the Michigan Department of Aeronautics on Jan. 6, 1947, as an aircraft mechanic. He branched out of his normal work and began repairing state-owned aircraft radios in his basement rather than flying them to other repair facilities in the state. In 1959, Schultz designed, installed, and maintained the first state-owned and operated VHF omnirange station (VOR) in Escanaba. In the next few years under the Electronic Facilities Section, which Schultz established and managed, the VOR program was expanded to eight other airports in the state. Schultz's career highlights include implementing the nation's first Non-Precision Instrument Approach Master Plan, patenting an aircraft traffic counter, and serving as a member of a joint committee between the Michigan Aeronautics Commission and the Department of Economic Expansion. Schultz served as the Bureau of Aeronautics Safety and Service Division administrator until his retirement in August 1984.

Michigan Transportation Hall of Honor, 2018