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Robert J. Foy

Bob Foy joined the Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) in 1975, serving as general manager for 26 years before retiring in 2010. Under his leadership, MTA grew from a small city transit system into a regional network serving a five-county area. Foy understood that MTA serves those who have few transportation choices. Under his leadership, MTA developed a diverse set of services to meet community needs, including medical transportation, special services for seniors, and one of the state's largest work-related transportation programs. MTA also became a leader in alternative fuel technology. In 2007, MTA launched five hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in a research partnership with Kettering and Michigan State universities, reducing MTA's diesel dependency by 50 percent. Foy led an effort to build an alternative fuel cell facility - one of the first in Michigan - that provides several alternative fuels to MTA and other customers. In addition, many creative processes Foy instituted have been copied in other parts of the country.

Michigan Transportation Hall of Honor, 2014