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Bid Letting FAQ

When and where is the bid letting taking place?

Letting information is found on the MDOT Bid Letting web page.
Where can I find plans, proposals, and project managers for current or past projects?

MI Login is available free of charge to registered users for the purpose of obtaining MDOT project proposals, plans and addenda for advertised projects.
Who is the low bidder?

Low bidder information is found on the MDOT Bid Letting web page.

What are the special provisions for a project?

Frequently Used Special Provisions and Supplemental Specifications are available on the MDOT Website. Questions regarding the SS/SP Website application should be directed to

Previously Approved Special Provisions are provided in either rich text format (rtf) so they may be edited or pdf format. If you do not find the special provision needed listed on the Previously Approved Special Provisions contact the Specification Office at Construction & Technology. Submit all questions and special provisions requiring approval to:

Questions regarding the Standard Specifications for Construction (spec book) should be directed to
What is the format for setting up special provisions?

Instructions for preparing a special provision are in Chapter 11 of the Road Design Manual
Questions regarding preparation and approval should be addressed to

Where can I find the Road Design Manual, Bridge Design Manual and Standard Plans for a project?

Standard Plans, Road Design Manual and Bridge Design Manual are available on the MDOT Website for the exclusive purpose of providing information as a convenience to those who access it.
How can I obtain a copy of the Weighted Average Item Price Report, or information about the price for a specific item?

Weighted Average Item Price Reports are available on the MDOT Design web page under the Estimating drop down. If you have any questions, contact Chris Tennes.