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Special Provisions FAQ

If I need to make minor changes to an already approved special provision do I need to resubmit it for review?

Yes, any change to an already approved special provision must be submitted for review and approval.  This was the agreement we made with Industry and FHWA when we did the Re-engineering of the special provision review process back in 2008.  Each special provision will have a unique identifier and if the contractor sees that identifier on another special provision in another project they will assume it has identical requirements.

My SP was unapproved because the Technical Reviewer had questions/comments that needed to be addressed.  What do I do now?

Follow the link in the unapproved SP email, copy out the file and save it somewhere in your computer.  Turn on track changes and either insert a new comment to address the reviewers comment/question or make changes within the body of the SP to address the comment/question.  Then save your corrected file and place it in ProjectWise and resubmit, ensuring the filing name convention (Rev1, Rev2, etc.) is followed.

Why do I not see a 1st or 2nd reviewer assigned anymore in Technical Review emails?

The technical review period is short and either Technical Reviewer can review the SP at any time.  This allows one reviewer to complete his/her review as time is available rather than having to wait until someone has finished his/her review when you may not have enough time to complete your review.  After your review is complete change the state one time unless directed to change the state two times.

Why does the Bentley email tell me to change the state two times after my review?

For some SPs only one technical reviewer is required and is assigned.  Changing the state two times moves the SP into review complete state.  This allows Dave Pawelec to easily search for and find all SPs that are ready for final review and approval.

Do you have a SP for ___________?

Designers currently have access to almost all approved SPs.  Designers can follow SP search tool handout (or available on the web) to search for a Previously Approved Special Provision that may fit the needs of your project.  If ANY modification is necessary in a Previously Approved Special Provision it will need to be submitted for review and approval.

I have a consultant doing the design and writing the SPs.  Should they be listed as the author of an SP?

No, the source code for all MDOT SPs must be an MDOT employee.  When consultants are doing the design the source code should list he PM.

How can I find out who submitted/authored a SP so that I could contact them?

If you are looking at the SP in ProjectWise then you can right click on the file you are inquiring about, scroll down and right click on properties.  Go to the Audit Trail tab and left click on it.  The person who submitted the SP should be very first line under User Name.  They may or may have not written the SP but they should know who did write it if they did not do it themselves.

Can I cross out a Pay Item on a Previously Approved SP?

No, all references to any work not needed within the body of the SP should be removed and the Pay Item not needed should be removed.  The SP should then be resubmitted for review and approval.

What do I need to do for Buy America Compliance if I have a steel or Iron product in a SP?

Current Department policy only requires Buy America Certification for pay items on the Buy America Step Certification list or items that are similar but have been modified or are special.  If you have such an item then you need to determine if the item is included in the MDOT QPL list or an item covered by a manufacturer on the Approved Manufacturers list.  CFS has a list of those items that meet the Buy America requirements and if your item is on that list you can just reference that list in a file and place the file in the supporting documents folder under the Special Provisions – Unique folder in ProjectWise.  If your item is not on one of those lists then you must contact manufacturers or suppliers and have them supply a certification that the product can meet the Buy America requirements covered in subsection 105.10 of the Standard Specifications for Construction.  This document must also be placed in the supporting document folder in ProjectWise.

I submitted a SP that is in review and I need to make a small modification to the SP? What do I do?

Contact Kristi Kirkpatrick in QA.  If it is a minor change she will make the modifications for you.  If it is a significant change the SP will be returned so you can make your modifications and it must be resubmitted.  This may delay the review and approval time so ensuring SPs are accurate prior to submittal is the best standard practice.

Can we still cross out pay items on FUSPs?

No, recent discussions between the Design Division, CFS and FHWA have made it clear that the crossing out of pay item should never be done.  Therefore, we are stopping this practice now in preparation for the upcoming implementation of the use of boiler plate proposals as a standard practice.

Why did the SP I copied as a previously approved SP and then modified get returned for not meeting formatting requirements?

Microsoft Word does a funny little thing and reformats any document that is opened on your computer to the printer driver defaults that are listed on your computer.  So while a SP may be perfectly formatted when it was approved, as soon as you open it to make modifications, Word will reformat it for the printer you have connected to your computer.  This is one reason why a template for formatting of SPs does not work and the Q/A section has not produced one.