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MDOT Digital Signature Program


On Jan. 26, MDOT began using a cloud-based digital signature solution called OneSpan. OneSpan is an industry-leading security and e-Signature solution being used across all State of Michigan agencies. 

There are two types of user accounts in OneSpan:

  • Initiator: A user who can initiate/send transactions, which allows them to log in and upload documents, set them up for signatures, and send to the appropriate recipients. Initiators may also sign documents. Initiators will need to create an account in the OneSpan system.
  • Signer: A user who signs documents that are sent to them. Signers do not initiate documents and do not need to set up accounts. They will simply receive e-mails when a document needs their signature.

If you will need to be an initiator in OneSpan, apply for a Digital Signature Account.

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