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Bridge Program

A red covered bridge in Michigan.
Department of Transportation

Bridge Program

The Local Agency Program (LAP) Bridge Unit develops and manages a rolling three-year bridge program using federal and state bridge funds to assist local municipalities in replacing and rehabilitating bridges and to maintain the local bridge system. As with the other LAP units, local municipalities include county road commissions and departments, cities, and villages, all of whom are designated in Public Act 51, as eligible to receive state and federal transportation funds.

The Local Bridge Program (LBP) normally distributes $50 million of federal and state funds, which periodically is supplemented with funds authorized by state and federal legislation.

Funds are distributed using an annual application process. The applications are reviewed by LBP staff engineers and a statewide group of seven Regional Bridge Councils (RBC) that rate and select bridge projects. LBP staff engineers then work with the successful applicants and review all projects for compliance with federal and state regulations and AASHTO standards prior to bid advertisement and letting.

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Keith Cooper, P.E. | 517-331-1395
Bridge Team Leader

Dale Spencley | 517-241-3403
Rural & Bridge Obligation Specialist

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