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Permits and Utility Coordination

The Local Agency (LA) should apply for all permits required for the project prior to the grade inspection plan review meeting.

The LA shall submit all permits issued by federal, state, and local municipalities, as well concurrence from the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and affected railroads, to MDOT before the department can request obligation of federal and state funds.

The following are helpful links:

General Permit Information
Permits for Local Agency Construction within MDOT Trunkline Right of Way
MDOT Permit Gateway 
Local Agency Programs Guidance for Local Projects Having Rail Crossings

Utility Coordination

Representatives of several MDOT partners prepared a checklist that summarizes suggested tasks that local agencies and consultants should complete as part of utility coordination information gathering and documentation. This checklist supports early and frequent communication with utilities.

Use of the checklist is not a requirement, but it is a suggested tool to track utility coordination efforts.

Utility Coordination Checklist – Local Agencies and Consultants