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Banners (Event Announcements)

The placement of banners within the state highway right-of-way shall be subject to the provisions of Public Act (PA) 200 of 1969, as amended, entitled Driveways, Banners and Parades and the Administrative Rules, Part 4.           

Banner content shall be related to an activity taking place within and shall be located within the jurisdictional boundaries of the local governmental agency applying for the permit. Only those events sponsored by the local governmental agency having a community wide interest or program shall be granted permission to place banners over state highway right-of-way. Events having a community wide interest by religious groups, private enterprises, service clubs, ethnic groups, etc., must be jointly sponsored by the local governmental agency.

A permit shall not be issued for a banner along or over limited access right-of-way. The duration of a banner placement shall not exceed three weeks except for Christmas, for which the maximum duration is 6 weeks. 

Applicants must submit an individual permit application package through the Construction Permit System (CPS) with the following, if applicable:

Description of activity displayed on banners

  • Location of the proposed installation including distance to overhead traffic control devices
  • Description/sketch of the banners including any legend or symbols
  • Minimum height of an overhead banner above the pavement
  • Date on which the banner shall be installed and removed

All construction permit applications are submitted and purchased through the MDOT Permit Gateway available thru MiLogin online system.

For more information on the construction permit process, visit Right-of-Way Construction Permits.