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TRAC Volunteers


Volunteers are department of transportation professionals, civil engineers, or from the private sector with an interest in transportation, engineering, and the TRAC Program. TRAC volunteers are typically self-confident, motivated, and articulate individuals excited about their field, with energy and enthusiasm that projects that excitement to others.


TRAC volunteers face a challenging, yet highly rewarding assignment in becoming a role model to students and a trusted advisor to the teachers who are in the classroom. Volunteers work with each teacher as an advisor, demonstrating how the TRAC activities work. They also guide them on how to apply these activities to what the students are learning in that teacher’s class. As role models in the transportation and civil engineering fields, the volunteers answer students’ questions to help them understand concepts learned in the classroom and how those concepts are applied in the real world. Most importantly, the volunteers have an opportunity to introduce and inspire students to explore and possibly pursue a career in transportation and civil engineering. 

If you are interested in volunteering, contact