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Safety Service Patrol begins in Lansing

Fast facts:

  • A new traffic safety service begins Aug. 1 in Lansing.
  • The Safety Service Patrol (also known as the Freeway Courtesy Patrol) has been in place and successful for MDOT’s Metro, University, and Grand regions.
  • Last year, the Safety Service Patrol averaged 2,792 stops per month to help motorists.

LANSING, Mich. - In an effort to make the roads safer and more efficient, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is launching a Safety Service Patrol (SSP) Aug. 1 for freeways in Eaton and Ingham counties. This service, contracted through Incident Clear, will assist motorists and first responders during traffic incidents. Whether it’s a crash, an abandoned vehicle, debris on the roadway, a flat tire, or a driver in need of fuel, the Safety Service Patrol is ready to help clear the scene as safely and quickly as possible. 

The SSP, formerly known as the Freeway Courtesy Patrol, is not an on-demand service that can be requested nor is there a phone number to call for assistance. SSP drivers will help motorists or address incidents they spot on the road while on patrol. They will also be notified by Statewide Transportation Operations Center operators and law enforcement when incidents are spotted.

"Clearing roadway incidents faster reduces congestion and lessens the potential for secondary crashes," said MDOT Transportation Operations Center Engineer Stephanie Palmer. "This is a welcomed benefit for every motorist and first responder on our roadways, and we are pleased to provide this service in the Lansing area."

Two skilled, qualified drivers will be on watch Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., with one driver patrolling on select weekends for special events. The roadways being patrolled are:

  • I-96 from US-127 to I-69
  • I-69 from I-96 to US-127
  • US-127 from I-69 to I-96
  • I-496 from I-96 to US-127
  • I-96 from US-127 to Okemos Road

Map of Lansing Area Safety Services patrol zone.

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