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Field Proficiency Exam

All team leaders are required to successfully pass the Field Proficiency Exam once every 24 months to maintain the ability to perform NBI inspections in Michigan. The exam requires two bridge inspections to be conducted in the field and includes questions tailored towards deficiencies identified during MDOT's annual quality assurance reviews. The routine inspections should be conducted from the shoulder and greenbelt. Traffic control or aerial lifts should not be necessary to complete the tasks.


Allie Nadjarian, Bridge Inspection Program Manager |517-331-6602

Contact Allie Nadjarian to request accommodation for files and plans.

Bridges List

Complete Field Proficiency Exam

To complete the field proficiency exam, all of the following must be satisfied:

  • Select two structures from the bridge list and perform a routine and element inspection at each structure selected. Complete each BSIR and Element tab in the Field Proficiency Exam - BSIR and Element Spreadsheet.
  • Use the completed spreadsheet to answer the Field Proficiency Exam - Online Questions for each structure selected.
  • Download and save the Team Leader Qualifications form. Enter all applicable information and submit the form. Once the email automatically generates, attach the completed "Field Proficiency Exam - BSIR and Element" spreadsheet prior to sending.
  • Complete the exam by answering the bridge inspection related questions Field Proficiency Exam - Online Questions.

Inspectors are required to wear personal protective equipment in the highway right of way and should ensure that they have standard bridge inspection equipment.