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Michigan Structure Inspection Manual

MDOT has completed the first version of the Michigan Structure Inspection Manual (MiSIM). The manual has been developed to provide bridge safety inspectors and bridge owners with guidance for meeting the requirements of the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) and Michigan's Bridge Inspection Program policies and procedures. This manual provides guidance for inspecting structures meeting the NBIS definition of a bridge and for non-NBI structures with span lengths less than 20 feet, pedestrian, and railroad structures.  

The purpose of the MiSIM is to reinforce the policies and procedures of MDOT, ensure statewide consistency with reference to completing and documenting the condition of structures, and to improve FHWA compliance. The contents will be periodically updated to strengthen the program. 


Michigan Structure Inspection Manual

Cover Page, Preface, & Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Program Requirements

Chapter 2 - Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Chapter 3 - Inspection Frequency

Chapter 4 - Bridge Files

Chapter 5 - Routine and Condition Based In-Depth Inspection

Chapter 6 - Scour

Chapter 7 - Fracture Critical & Fatigue Sensitive Inspection

Chapter 8 - Underwater Inspection

Chapter 9 - Damage Inspection

Chapter 10 - Critical Findings

Chapter 11 - Inspection Equipment

Chapter 12 - Non-NBI Structures

Chapter 13 - Bridge Inspection Safety

Appendix A - Bureau of Bridges and Structures Quality Control Plan

Appendix B - Complex Bridge Procedures

Appendix D - Tunnel Inspection