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Structure Preservation

A drone captures painting and repairs on the Cut River Bridge.
Department of Transportation

Structure Preservation

The Structure Preservation Section is responsible for structure preservation and maintenance, including the following:

  • Management of Bridge Request for Action (RFA)
  • Region Structures Maintenance Support
  • Statewide Crews for Reach All, Signs, and Bridge Repair
  • Emergency Coordination
  • Priority Preservation of Structures

Brian Zakrzewski, Structure Preservation Section Engineer

Preservation, RFA, Structural Design/Maintenance, Technology, and Materials & Equipment Support

Provides technical expertise to MDOT regions, local agencies, and consultants for structural maintenance, structure design for Request for Action, trials for new technologies in equipment and materials for structure maintenance, and training. 

Andrew Zevchak, Priority Preservation Engineer

Jacob Creisher, Structure Maintenance Engineer

Aaron Porter, Structure Maintenance Support Coordinator

Provides technical expertise on Bridge High Load Bridge Hits (HLH), structural deterioration and fatigue, bridge work, structural steel emergency repairs, and installation of temporary supports. Also provides technical expertise on movable bridges for routing maintenance, preventative maintenance, and emergency repair.

Christopher Idusuyi, Structures Emergency Response Engineer

Provides services to the MDOT's regions for fabrication, installation, and removal of signs, as well as crane services to the regions.

Matt Niemi, Sign Fabrication Shop and Crew Supervisor

Services for statewide crews regarding reach all and bridge repairs.

Matt Niemi, Statewide Crews Superintendent

Services to the regions, local agencies, and consultants for scoping and inspection of bridges, as well as performing washing on big bridges statewide.

Jason Barnhart, Statewide Reachall Supervisor