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Stormwater Management Plan

US-123 wetlands in Luce County.
Department of Transportation

Stormwater Management Plan

In 2004, the MDEQ issued a NPDES MS4 permit to MDOT for MDOT-operated stormwater drainage systems. That permit was re-issued by EGLE (formerly MDEQ) in November 2021. To comply with the permit, MDOT has updated our Stormwater Management Program (SMP). The SMP is designed to enhance the way MDOT does business so that stormwater pollution is reduced or eliminated. Solutions in the SMP are as simple as good housekeeping, or as complex as building new facilities to manage stormwater.

This SMP describes the procedures and practices MDOT currently uses throughout the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure to limit the discharge of pollutants from its storm drainage systems. It also documents the commitment by MDOT to develop and implement additional stormwater management procedures and practices.

  1. EGLE NPDES Permit No. MI0057634
  2. Stormwater Program Activity Tables
  3. MDOT Best Management Practices
  4. Sample PIPP and Weekly Facility Environmental Inspection for MDOT Maintenance Facility
  5. Statewide Watershed and Local Stream Organizations
  6. Public Comments and MDOT Responses on SMP
  7. Illicit Discharge Elimination Program (IDEP) Protocol Manual