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Adjusted Census Urban Boundary (ACUB) Statewide Review

The 2010 US Census Urban Area (UA) statewide review has begun. The start consisted of guidance mailed out in September of 2012 to encouraged participants.

MDOT gave the first presentation at the Michigan Transportation Planning Association meeting in Sept. 2012. MDOT is in the process of scheduling workshop group meetings for all the US Census UA's.  Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) are responsible for contacting the relevant road agencies within their own boundaries. All documentation that was sent through the US Mail is listed at the bottom of this webpage and includes lists of agencies and contacts that the material was addressed too.

"Proposed Adjusted Census Urban Boundary" mapping web application

The mapping webpage displays the 2010 US Census Urban Areas and the current ACUB.  In addition, you can display other information from within the application such as the 2010 Census Blocks, MPO boundaries and population of the census block. Aerial imagery, both from 1998 and the most recent imagery available can be displayed.

Adjustments are made by adding census blocks to the UA that would smooth the Census UA and prevent the confusion resulting from road(s) that switch back and forth between urban and rural within short distances. These additional census blocks or adjustments proposed by the local agencies should follow the process presented in the below documents at the bottom of this web page. The primary agency for an UA should run a draft by MDOT before the proposed adjustment is approved by your local committee. All proposals must be received and verified by MDOT by June 1, 2013 to avoid defaulting to the US Census UA. All proposed urban adjustments are subject to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval. 

Background Information:
The 2000 US Census UA's were adjusted outward and the resulting urban areas are called Adjusted Census Urban Boundary (ACUB). The 2000 US Census ACUB's remain in effect  until the 2010 US Census UA's proposed by MDOT and appropriate local officials during the statewide review are approved by FHWA. To see maps of the current Adjusted Census Urban Boundaries, see the "Urban/Urbanized Area:" dropdown menu on the NFC Maps webpage. Roads are considered urban if they lie within or on the ACUB boundary.


David Fairchild, Transportation Planner

ACUB Mapping Application