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MDOT Library

Since 1963, the MDOT Library provide the materials and data required to support the research, project and program needs of the department. The library is part of the Research Administration Section within the Bureau of Field Services.

MDOT publishes a large amount of material every year and these publications are a part of the corporate memory. Some of these publications date back to 1905, such as the first biennial report and old highway maps. A complete historical collection of maps is maintained on microfiche, and the MDOT Main Library preserves the corporate memory.

The library's collection holds over 15,000 print materials. Electronic versions of some materials is also available and digitization efforts are underway for historical preservation and to increase the availability to employees across the state.

To learn more about what library services are available, please visit the MDOT Library Services website. 

Currently, the library is open to MDOT employees by appointment. Non-employees can contact the library with their research request and may borrow materials through interlibrary loan. Digitization may also be available depending format and length of documents.

For questions, please contact:

Jennifer Herron