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Bridges & Special Structures Design

Underbridge inspection units (UBIUs) that reach from above deck to below.
Department of Transportation

Bridges & Special Structures Design

Accelerated Bridge Preservation

Project Number: SPR-1687

Contract Number: 2018-0074

Status: Complete

Start Date: 01/29/2018

End Date 01/30/2020


The work described here represents an attempt to develop a comprehensive risk management framework for the asset management of retaining wall structures. The work presented includes the development of a sensing strategy that can be used by structural inspectors to assess the coupled performance of the wall structure and the geotechnical system it supports. A reliability framework was developed using first-order reliability methods (FORM) to assess the reliability factor (β) for wall components and incorporates the consequences of failure with the estimated structural reliability factors to provide a basis for risk assessment of retaining walls. A new inspection manual was developed to reflect the instrumentation strategies and risk analyses developed.





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