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System Maintenance Operations

DUAP’s weather application uses aggregated weather data to generate alerts like “Snow Covered Roads” and “Low Visibility” that can be shared with motorists via Mi Drive and dynamic message signs.
Department of Transportation

System Maintenance Operations

Development of a Michigan-Specific VISSIM Protocol for Submissions of VISSIM Modeling

Project Number: SPR-1689

Contract Number: 2019-0079

Status: Complete

Start Date: 11/27/2018

End Date 09/30/2020


The guidance developed as part of this research project communicates and lays out the expectations for VISSIM model development and deliverables so that both the vendor and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) can move through modeling projects in congruence based on current best practices. This will provide consistency in vendor deliverables, facilitate more efficient MDOT reviews, and reduce the risk of budget overruns and delays to project schedules due to misunderstood expectations. The guidance also defines a consistent methodology for MDOT to review and evaluate models and provides a clear roadmap to MDOT project managers unfamiliar with the VISSIM modeling process, giving them the tools necessary to successfully manage a modeling project with a clear understanding of protocol and anticipated modeling outcomes.