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Commercial Production of Non-Proprietary Ultra High Performance Concrete
Department of Transportation


Michigan Transportation Construction Price Index

Project Number: SPR-1693a, SPR-1693b

Contract Number: 2016-0070 Z7

Status: Complete

Start Date: Final Report I: 1/1/2020  / Final Report II: 6/1/2020 

End Date: Final Report I: 6/1/2020  / Final Report II: 4/30/2021


The Highway Construction Cost Index (HCCI) measures the price changes of construction items over time in the highway construction industry. It is designed to monitor fluctuations in highway construction market conditions and to indicate the purchasing power of the infrastructure agency. Although many state DOTs, including Michigan DOT (MDOT), have developed various HCCIs, best practices regarding the use of HCCIs by DOTs have not been thoroughly investigated. As revealed by a nationwide survey on HCCI uses conducted in this study, the use of HCCIs has typically been limited to, for example, budgeting and estimating. Still, there is a lack of a systematic approach to applying HCCI in the DOT practices. As such, the research presented in this report aims to develop a strategic plan for applying HCCI in MDOT practice. The research objectives are pursued through the dual approach of (1) a literature review, and (2) nationwide and statewide surveys. Leveraging the survey results, academic literature, and industrial reports regarding HCCI use, we synthesize a strategic plan for MHCCI application consisting of prioritized uses and a technical implementation guide. This plan provides MDOT with guidance concerning the use of HCCI for various purposes, including, but not limited to, (1) projecting future funding needs, and (2) developing more accurate construction cost estimates, and (3) monitoring, benchmarking, and reporting construction market.





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