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System Maintenance Operations

DUAP’s weather application uses aggregated weather data to generate alerts like “Snow Covered Roads” and “Low Visibility” that can be shared with motorists via Mi Drive and dynamic message signs.
Department of Transportation

System Maintenance Operations

Connected/Automated Vehicle and Infrastructure Research

Project Number: SPR-1695

Contract Number: 2014-0006

Status: Complete

Start Date: 05/29/2014

End Date 05/28/2021


The concept of the Michigan Mobility Transportation Facility, now known as Mcity, formed from a recognized need for a safe, controlled environment in which to develop various connected and automated vehicle (CAV) components that included interaction with real-world infrastructure. Therefore, one could say Mcity grew out of necessity; but it has also spawned enormous amounts of invention. Since completion, the test facility has supported research and development by vehicle manufactures, Tier 1 suppliers, start-up companies, and various educational uses.
An investment on the part of the University of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), multiple measures of success and its value are demonstrated by how Mcity has become world-renowned, digitally modelled, copied, and has spawned countless research projects that could otherwise not be conducted in a real-world environment due to safety or security concerns.
The testing performed at Mcity has supported numerous research projects interested in understanding the modeling of traffic control networks, evaluating CAV and infrastructure technologies, and evaluating CAV applications. Additional research which could not be practically performed in Mcity; such as the real-world examination of LiDAR detection of lane marking materials. was included in the project and performed on US23 in Washtenaw and Livingston counties to support a broader understanding of how CAV technologies could be supported by roadway infrastructure and for consideration by roadway owner/operators in future planning.