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Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Traffic signals interconnected with railroad crossing warning signals
Department of Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Recruit and Maintain/Upgrade a High-Tech Workforce for Emerging Technologies

Project Number: SPR-1699

Contract Number: 2019-1038

Status: Complete

Start Date: 10/15/2019

End Date 09/30/2021


Over the past decade, the advancement of transportation technologies has been rapid. The introduction of technologies, including mobile robotics, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, ITS, and big data analytics, has the potential to transform the way transportation agencies conduct their operations. Many state departments of transportation (DOTs) are exploring the potential applications of emerging technologies for transportation systems management. As this continues, the workforce must similarly understand how to work with these technologies.

To meet the demand for technology-enabled workforce development, MDOT has called on CAR to provide an overall strategy to prepare a high-tech construction and operations-focused workforce within the next ten years. CAR, with support from the Workforce Intelligence Network (WIN), has addressed the three primary objectives of this project:

- Conduct research on new technologies and associated implementation strategies,
- Develop a series of recommendations for MDOT units to aid decision-makers in identifying the expertise gap within MDOT's current construction and operation workforce, and
- Provide a set of recruitment strategies for acquisition and (re)training the current and future workforce. These strategies will produce a nimble model that will allow MDOT to continue to change these materials as technology emerges.

CAR researchers divided the objectives of this project into five substantive tasks. The final report presents a consolidated report of the research tasks.