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Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Traffic signals interconnected with railroad crossing warning signals
Department of Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Evaluating New Technologies for Roads Program Initiatives in Safety and Efficiency (ENTERPRISE) - Phase II

Project Number: SPR-1705

Contract Number: 2019-0045

Status: Complete

Start Date: 11/11/2018

End Date: 02/28/2022


Over the past thirty years, the ENTERPRISE Pooled Fund has completed research projects with one common theme – that they address specific problems to help advance the transportation technology programs in the member agencies. This final report describes the activities of ENTERPRISE Phase II technical activities, performed between 2018 and 2022. Collectively, the ENTERPRISE Phase II members identified, prioritized, and oversaw the research activities of 20 individual projects that all contributed to the objectives of the program. The 20 projects fit into three types of research activities: applied research, evaluation activities, and exploratory research. 




Research Manager Project Manager Performing Organization
Andre Clover
Athey Creek Consultants LLC