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Contracting and Contract Administration

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Department of Transportation

Contracting and Contract Administration

Innovative Contracting Risk Management Best Practices

Project Number: SPR-1711

Contract Number: 2020-0673

Status: Complete

Start Date: 08/2020

End Date 12/2021


The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has been successfully applying risk management on innovative contracting methods and was looking to formalize and build upon its current risk management guidance. Research was conducted to document industry risk management best practices to provide recommendations for developing and implementing a comprehensive Risk Management Program for the MDOT Innovative Contracting Unit (ICU). These best practices were used to develop standardized guidance documents and tools to better assist project managers in managing project risk to improve project delivery on a consistent basis. A Risk Management Workbook was developed consisting of an Excel-based tool of interactive and linked risk management process workflows and scalable templates to be used across various project types, sizes, and throughout all phases of project development. Risk reports provide a summary of high priority risks and the status of key project development activities. Training and testing of the Risk Management Workbook occurred during a pilot project risk workshop providing MDOT staff access to the tool and a demonstration of the risk management process and workflows. A training module was produced to provide MDOT staff a self-guided walkthrough of the tool or training can be combined with project risk workshop facilitation.





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