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Travel Demand Forecasting

Aerial view of Rouge River highway section.
Department of Transportation

Travel Demand Forecasting

Assessing System Performance of the Michigan Trunkline: Measures and Analytical Procedures for Planning and Operations

Project Number: SPR-1716

Contract Number: 2020-0783

Status: Complete

Start Date: 08/01/2020

End Date: 12/31/2022


Since 1961, the Michigan Department of Transportation had been conducting yearly Sufficiency Reviews of the trunkline system,
which included a systematic evaluation of the condition and relative operational performance of individual highway segments.
This process produced a yearly Sufficiency Report that was a single-source document containing a variety of condition and
operational data. The information found in this Report was intended to serve as an initial planning tool for MDOT staff and
management to guide development of more comprehensive studies. As part of an MDOT Systems and Process Improvement
Review (2010-2014), it was determined that the 2015 Sufficiency field reviews would be the last to be completed. Thus, the
Sufficiency Program was retired after the release of the 2015 Report, with most data items provided by this program to be
accessible in the future from various sources within MDOT. Two data items that were part of the Sufficiency Program that were
not designated as having an alternate source were the “Capacity Volume” and “Level of Service” metrics. Internal MDOT
“customers” continue to utilize the values provided in the 2015 Sufficiency Report, which are quickly becoming outdated. A
review of past practices and recommendations for moving forward, based on MDOT staff needs, is critical for maintaining current
and future trunkline condition assessment capabilities for planning and operational analysis purposes.





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