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Real Estate & Permits

I-69 US-24 to Lake George Rd, Lapeer County
Department of Transportation

Real Estate & Permits

MDOT Right-of-Way Conversion to GIS

Project Number:  OR21-002

Contract Number:  2021-0272

Status: Complete

Start Date: 02/01/2021

End Date 11/30/2022


The goals of this project were to research the best method of utilizing information to update ROW maps, determine the best method to create a ROW map product that could integrate future Real Estate functions, determine what ROW map product would be best for moving towards a GIS and create a simplified map search functionality. To accomplish the project goals, the research team identified best practices being used by other state DOTs, catalogued existing MDOT data and methods, conducted a needs assessment, drafted modernization designs, developed additional designs for incorporating new data and developed a web mapping application. Final designs were selected and recommended for implementation. This project built upon previous work completed by MDOT staff and lays the groundwork of how to implement a ROW to GIS conversion at the Michigan Department of Transportation. It also successfully brought different units together within MDOT, increasing the likelihood that implementation will occur. Lastly, specific instructions were provided for implementing the selected designs. This will serve as a blueprint moving forward.




Research Manager Project Manager Performing Organization
Project Manager Dean Kanitz Michigan State University logo
Dean Kanitz Matt Fitch Michigan State University