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Bridges & Special Structures Design

Underbridge inspection units (UBIUs) that reach from above deck to below.
Department of Transportation

Bridges & Special Structures Design

Effective Bridge Deck Weather Warning Technologies

Project Number: SPR-1728

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Weather related crashes continue to be a problem on Michigan roadways. Crashes caused by inclement weather are especially
problematic on bridges, where historically, MDOT has mounted seasonal warning signs at bridges to warn drivers of such
conditions. Recently, MDOT has begun installing new condition-responsive technology that uses environmental sensors(s) to
detect icy bridge decks and roadways that when the correct conditions are met, will light up flashing yellow or LED lights on a
nearby warning sign(s) to help the motoring public understand the upcoming road conditions. This research project will explore
more dynamic messaging strategies, such as displaying a warning message on a nearby Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) or
incorporating vehicle to infrastructure communication to improve driver’s behavior response to adverse weather conditions;
thereby hoping to reduce the number of these types of crashes.




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Andre Clover Dave Smith Michigan State University