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Progam Development

Corridor and Systemwide Application of Performance Based Practical Design

Project Number: SPR-1736

Contract Number: 2021-0221

Status: Complete

Start Date: 02/01/2021

End Date: 1/31/2024


This report reviewed the state of practice for Performance Based Practical Design (PBPD) in the United States, with a review of available literature and State DOT guidelines. This was supplemented with a survey distributed to State DOTs and interviews with MDOT business units. Ultimately, a series of recommendations was suggested for how MDOT could implement PBPD within their business processes, and other agencies may look to these to support their own efforts at PBPD. Common PBPD threads include (1) safety should not be compromised for any reason; (2) project needs, goals, purpose, and objectives need to be clearly stated for the successful implementation of PBPD; and, (3) Focus should be on the transportation system as a whole, rather than on individual projects.





Research Manager Project Manager Performing Organization
Dean Kanitz Nathan Miller WSP Michigan