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Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Traffic signals interconnected with railroad crossing warning signals
Department of Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems & Signals

Utilizing Video Analytics with Connected Vehicles for Improved Safety

Project Number: SPR-1738

Contract Number: 2021-0250

Status: Complete

Start Date: 02/15/2021

End Date: 01/31/2024


Focus of this research was to assess the current capabilities of video analytics within the market and to validate the potential value for implementing the systems in Michigan. Multiple video analytic vendors partnered to demonstrate the technology in predefined use cases at a specific location in southeast Detroit. The data results implied the technology could provide safety benefits, however, limitations with the pilot deployment made it challenging to verify the full capabilities with respect to safety applications. Future research is recommended with a focus on mitigating the challenges and risks experiences during the initial pilot project.




Research Manager Project Manager Performing Organization
Andre Clover Michelle Mueller Kimley-Horn of Michigan, Inc.