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Maintenance Memos

Maintenance Memos (MM) provide information and guidance in performing maintenance activities on State trunklines to MDOT's regions, TSCs, garages, special crews, and local agencies.

Maintenance Memos were drafted between 1977 and 2007. Maintenance Memo information replaces the Operations Maintenance Handbook, Volume 1 - Operations.

Since 2005 Maintenance Advisories (MA) have been used to convey information and updates on maintenance practices. 

If there is conflicting information between a published Maintenance Memo and Maintenance Advisory, the information in the most recent document should prevail.

Maintenance Memos Index

MM 2007-01 Sign Sheeting Material Change

MM 2005-1 Culvert Management Guidelines

MM 2004-02 Contract County Purchase of Roll-up Signs
MM 2004-01 State Trunkline Maintenance Contract Salt Purchase

MM 2003-06 Illicit Discharge Elimination Program Procedures
MM 2003-05 Information on Winter Operations Around Sidewalks and Pedestrian Overpasses
MM 2003-03 Roadside Mowing

MM 2002-05 Dark Signals 
MM 2002-02 Calibration of Salt Trucks

MM 2000-02 Temporary and Political Signs Adjacent to State Trunkline Right of Way
MM 2000-01 Emergency Procedures for Road Closures Section 5

MM 1999-06 Removing Temporary Signs From Within State Trunkline Right of Way
MM 1999-05 Contract Agency Work Review Documentation
MM 1999-04 Movable Bridge Maintenance Responsibilities
MM 1999-03 Highway Maintenance Patrol Letter of Understanding

MM 1998-11 Maintenance Audit Review Process for Contract Agencies
MM 1998-10 Interagency Agreement for Welcome Centers
MM 1998-09 Survey Monuments
MM 1998-08 Repair at Storm Water Pumpstations
MM 1998-07 MDOT Responsibility for Work Done at Weigh Stations
MM 1998-06 Building Maintenance
MM 1998-05 Overhead Schedule for Chemical Storage Facility Contract Agreements
MM 1998-04 Roadside Park Closures
MM 1998-03 Traffic Sign Installation Date Stickers
MM 1998-01 Pesticide Spray Areas

MM 1996-01 Guidance for Repair of Damaged Mailboxes

MM 1993-02 Disposal of Large Road Killed Animals
MM 1993-01 Guideline for Electrical Traffic Control Device Maintenance

MM 1989-03 White Shoulder Policy
MM 1989-01 Loaning of State Owned Equipment

MM 1988-02 Trunkline Intersections with City County Roads and Streets
MM 1988-01 Right of Way Fence

MM 1987-02 Handicapped Parking
MM 1987-01 Bridge Spot Painting Standards and Guidelines

MM 1985-01 Maintenance of County Drain Culverts and Bridges Under State Trunklines

MM 1984-01 Piling of Snow at Intersections and Driveways 

MM 1982-03 Removal of Dead Animals and Foreign Matter from the Roadway
MM 1982-02 Movable Bridges Signaling
MM 1982-01 Snow Hauling