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I-475 corridor project - Genesee County

About the project

The I-475 projects began with a $300 million investment commitment from the Rebuilding Michigan Bond program to reconstruct the remaining eight miles of I-475. As the development process began, MDOT heard the community’s concerns about I-475 and the desire to improve the local facilities as a part of the project. To address these comments and concerns, MDOT initiated a Planning Environmental Linkages (PEL) study.

MDOT has completed the PEL study on eight miles of I-475 from Bristol Road to Carpenter Road. While there is not enough funding in place to implement every concept derived from the PEL, MDOT will not abandon the project. Opportunities to support pedestrian and multi-modal transportation while improving neighborhood connectivity still exist and are being analyzed. Dependent on traffic analysis and ongoing discussion with the city, there is potential to transition existing structures to pedestrian crossings and add shared-use paths adjacent to I-475.

The project will be completed in two sections: the North Section of I-475 from the Flint River to Carpenter Road and the Middle and South Sections of I-475 from the Flint River to Bristol Road.

I-475 Project and Study FAQs

Project details

November 2023 - December 2027

Genesee County

Increased safety & mobility
Enhanced pedestrian facilities
Crash reduction

$411 million

Brian Ulman, TSC Manager
Davison TSC

Project Sections

  • Reconstruct I-475 from Flint River to Carpenter Road

    MDOT is rebuilding northbound and southbound I-475 from the Flint River to Carpenter Road, including the service drives and the Flint River bridge. Punch list items such as grading and slope restoration will be completed by summer 2026.

    Northbound I-475: Spring - Winter 2024
    Southbound I-475: Spring - Winter 2025

    Cost: $141 million

    Traffic restrictions: Northbound traffic will use I-69 to I-75 and local posted detours. Southbound traffic will use I-75 to I-69 and local posted detours.

  • I-475 from the Flint River to Bristol Road

    The PEL study provided MDOT with valuable insight for what the community would like to see as a long-term plan for the corridor. One of the most important components from the PEL study is the need for improved connectivity between the communities on the east and west sides of I-475. As a direct result of this finding, MDOT is looking at each I-475 crossing within the project limits for opportunities to improve connectivity between the communities. Some of the opportunities currently being considered are:

    • Converting the Second Street bridge to a pedestrian only facility.
    • Improving multi-modal/pedestrian facilities at the following I-475 crossings:
      • Fifth Street
      • Court Street
      • Kearsley Street
      • EB & WB Robert T. Longway Boulevards
      • Chavez Drive (under I-475)
      • Atherton Road
      • Hemphill Road
      • Bristol Road
    • Relocating the Lindsey Road pedestrian crossing to Oakley Street.
    • Service drive lane reductions from Fifth Street to Davison.
    • Lane reductions on mainline I-475.
    • Removal of redundant entrance and exit ramps:
      • SB Exit to Hemphill
      • NB Entrance from Hemphill

    Proposed dates: Spring 2026 to fall 2027.

    Cost: $270 million

    Traffic restrictions: To be provided at a future date.

Additional information

This work is part of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Rebuilding Michigan program to rebuild the state highways and bridges that are critical to the state's economy and carry the most traffic. The investment strategy is aimed at fixes that result in longer useful lives and improves the condition of the state's infrastructure. View the Rebuilding Michigan project profile for I-475 North Segment Genesee County.