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Applying for Tall Structure Permit

Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 77 requires that proposals to construct anything which may obstruct the use of airspace by aircraft requires notice to the FAA. The FAA has an online notice criteria tool that can be used to determine if notification is required.

The Michigan Tall Structure Act requires these proposals to obtain a Tall Structure Permit from the Office of Aeronautics. If the proposed construction or alteration meets either of the following criteria, a Michigan Tall Structure Permit is required:

  • Anything over 200' AGL (above the ground at its site).
  • Proposals in the vicinity of an airport, if the proposal would be higher than a slope from the nearest point on a runway and increasing its elevation at a ratio of:
Longest Runway Length Proximity to Closest Runway Slope
More than 3200 ft. Within 20,000 ft. 100 to 1
3200 ft. or less Within 10,000 ft. 50 to 1
Heliport Within 5,000 ft. 25 to 1

Unless an airspace study results in a finding of noninterference, the Tall Structure Act requires us to object to:

  • Structures greater than 1000 ft. high (500 feet in a VFR flyway or in the vicinity of a natural landmark).
  • Structures which would increase the Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude for an instrument approach procedure.
  • Structures which obstruct imaginary surfaces (as defined in the Tall Structure Act).
  • Structures which violate a local airport zoning ordinance


  • Submit an online 7460-1 to the FAA using the Obstruction Evaluation / Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) website.
  • If a Michigan Tall Structure Permit is required, the sponsor and representative listed on the 7460-1 will receive an application package via e-mail from our office. This package will consist of a denial letter, application, and invoice (if applicable).

Structure Height (AGL) Application Fee
Project Cap Per 1 Nautical Mile
Less than 50 ft. $150 $1,000
50 – 199 ft. $250 $2,000
200 – 499 ft. $300 $5,000
500 ft. or greater $400 $5,000
No Permit Required $50 $2,000

Questions? E-mail or call Hilary Hoose at 517-242-2494 or Kelly Badra at 517-335-9282.

Airport Construction

Airspace proposals on most Michigan airports are coordinated by the Office of Aeronautics under the State Block Grant Program. Airspace proposals for Primary Commercial Service airports and Detroit Willow Run airport are coordinated by the FAA Airports District Office in Romulus, MI.

Any notices for construction on airport property should be electronically filed using the Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) website.

Questions? Contact Hilary Hoose, MDOT Aeronautics, at 517-242-2494.