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Airport Property Inventory

Airports receiving federal assistance for airport development projects must hold "good title, satisfactory to the Secretary" (of Transportation) to the airport being developed. To meet these requirements, a sponsors' title must be free and clear of any reversion interest, lien, easement, lease, or other encumbrance that would create undue risk that might deprive the sponsor of control or possession, interfere with its use for public airport purposes, or make it impossible for the sponsor to carry out the obligations and covenants in the grant agreement. Satisfactory evidence of good title includes an attorney's title opinion that is properly tied to an Exhibit "A" Airport Property Map.

The Exhibit "A" is a graphical representation of property owned by an airport and any avigation easements purchased from adjacent properties. The document must be updated after each land acquisition project. If an Exhibit "A" has not been completed, it must be included with the next land acquisition project. The Exhibit "C" title opinion is prepared by the sponsor's attorney and should be completed in conjunction with the Exhibit A update. The Exhibit A property information must also be updated on all relevant Airport Layout Plan (ALP) sheets including the property plan.