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Feonix Connect

Key project partners: Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (TheRide), Feonix - Mobility Rising, What3Words, SUMA

Description: Feonix Connect involves creating an application to assist seniors and individuals with visual impairments and other disabilities in locating bus stops and final destinations. This technology will put transit drivers and passengers within 10 feet of each other and will overcome common challenges such as inadequate street signs, poor lighting and inaccurate navigation addresses.

Award amount: $456,967

Current status: Since completing its Disability Awareness Training in fall 2019, the Feonix Connect team has tested demonstration mobile application features and made upgrades based on user feedback. The project team experienced delays due to new app store testing environment requirements and is in the process of finalizing designs for the launch of the mobile passenger and driver applications.

July 2021 stakeholder update meeting: Feonix Connect Presentation Overview

Video: Disability Awareness Training for Transportation Agencies (DATTA)