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Key project partners: MUVE, Umlaut (formerly P3), UPCAP, Delta Area Transit Authority (DATA), Schoolcraft County Transit, Dickinson Iron Community Services Agency (DICSA)

Description: Targeting the Upper Peninsula counties of Delta, Schoolcraft and Dickinson, the project reinforces the existing transportation ecosystem to enable more accessible transportation options, especially for seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans. Tasks include creating a ridesharing app, creating a platform to promote vehicle sharing among community organizations, and creating more capacity and efficiency for non-emergency medical transportation.

Award amount: $1,178,129

Current status: The project has ended in the Upper Peninsula. The U.P. agencies did not feel the software was developed to a point where they were interested in continuing with this project. However, MDOT and MEDC have opted to continue this project at Western-Washtenaw Area Value Express (WAVE).

Final report