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Rides A-GoGo Mobility Coordination

Key project partners: Bosch-SPLT, Bay Area Transportation Authority, Benzie Transportation Authority, Allegan County

Description: The original workplan included creating an app with APIs that would communicate directly with the three different dispatch computer systems of the three agencies. The plan also included a portal where third party providers such as medical offices could schedule rides for their clients. This would also include a triple notification system that would alert not only the rider when the bus was on its way but also up to two additional contacts, such as a caregiver, medical practice, or family member. The goal was to reduce the number of no-shows and increase the efficiency of the transit systems. During the process, another option was identified for a volunteer driver portal that agencies could receive requests from the app and be sent directly to the driver’s tablet for pickups.

Award amount: $990,000

Current status: This project is complete. After the project started, there were hurdles with the three different dispatch software computer providers. One system was older and not being supported by the company, another company was already working with a different mobility challenge project and didn’t have the resources available to coordinate with the API being built, while the third company had a less sophisticated platform that would not work with the modern technology needed for the app and the other amenities proposed. While the app was built along with the portal, it would not work effectively with the less sophisticated dispatch software of the participating agency without creating additional work and time for the dispatchers. The volunteer portal was operational but not fully vetted and tested with the transit agency that offered that service. In November 2019, Bosch made the decision to close down its SPLT operations and focus on the company’s core goals. With this decision there were discussions about ownership/operating of the technology that has been created. As neither MDOT nor any other state public transit agencies were interested in owning the technology in its current form, the decision was made to allow Bosch to retain it. Bosch’s team has created a final report, which will be amended with comment from the partner transit agencies.

Final report