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Wheels to Work Program

Key project partners: Hope Network, SteadyFareWheels to Work bus

Description: Wheels to Work includes the development and deployment of a mobile app to allow ride hailing-like operation of Hope Network's accessible vehicles. It would allow self-scheduling and more on-demand service.

Award amount: $258,448

Current status: This project is complete. The app was successfully completed and employed. Wheels to Work (W2W) ridership was averaging 12,000 rides per month but fell to 2,000 per month when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The drop in ridership, combined with the large geographic area covered, resulted in cost inefficiencies. Although ridership has risen to about 3,000 trips per month, the program is still struggling. Hope Network is looking for new sources of temporary support to help sustain W2W until they can return to more concentrated rider densities.

Final Report

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