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Reference Manual for Transit Agencies

The Office of Passenger Transportation (OPT) has put together this Reference Manual in an effort to assist transit agency staff and other customers of the OPT. The Reference Manual explains requirements, regulations, and deadlines for recipients of state and federal funds. It is organized into seven sections and the topics discussed in each section are listed alphabetically.

Some of the information contained in this reference manual may no longer be accurate. If you are unsure whether a specific procedure has changed from what is stated in the manual, or if you need further assistance, please contact your OPT Project Manager.


Cost Allocation Plans


Reporting Matrix for Transit Agencies
MDOT/FTA Required Plans and Policies

Audit Deadlines and Submitting a Deficit Elimination Plan
Identification, Review and Follow Up of Audit Findings
Local Bus Operating Assistance Advance
Payment Processing
Submitting Quarterly and/or Reconciled Operating Assistance Reports (OAR) and Withholding of State Operating Funds for Non-submission of the Quarterly and/or Reconciled OAR


Urbanized Area Funding Application Process, Including the FHWA Transfer (Flex) Process


Local Disposal of Vehicles or Equipment
Local Disposal of Transit Real Property
Procurement Change from the State of Michigan Vehicle Purchasing Program to Local Vehicle Purchase
Transferring Federally Funded Vehicles and Equipment Between Agencies


Title VI Requirements

Public Transportation Accessibility Plan Processing
School Bus Service