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Tech Talk

Tech Talks are monthly informational presentations about technology-related issues, products and services for public transit. Guest speakers share information to help transit agencies statewide learn about and implement innovative practices to improve passenger experience and operational efficiency.

Janet Geissler, Mobility Innovation Specialist

Year Month Tech Talk Type
2024 May Accessibility for All Presentation
2024 April Intro to AI Presentation
2024 March Legal Issues in Transit Technology Presentation
2024 February Transit Loyalty Programs Presentation
2024 January Accessibility Topics for Communication Presentation
2023 December Thermal Imaging Technology Presentation
2023 November Broadband and Internet Access
2023 October Technology Procurement Presentation
2023 September Cashless Fare Payment Presentation
2023 August Schedule Optimization Presentation
2023 March APIs Presentation
2023 February On-Demand Microtransit in Michigan Presentation
2023 January Slack Presentation
2022 December GTFS Presentation
2022 November Hydrogen Fuel Cells Presentation
2021 December Digitizing Maintenance Inspections Presentation
2021 December FAIRTIQ Ticketing Platform Presentation
2021 November WiFi on Vehicles Presentation
2021 October iTransitNW Presentation
2021 September FirstNet Presentation
2021 August Fare Collection Visioning Exercise Presentation
2021 July Digging into Data Presentation
2021 June Preparing for the Future of Mobility Careers Presentation
2021 May BCGo On-Demand Pilot Presentation
2021 April ADAPT Online Disability Training Presentation
2021 March Planning for Battery Electric Buses Presentation
2021 February Remote Dispatching Presentation
2021 January Contactless Fare Payment Presentation
2020 December GTFS and GTFS Flex Presentation
2020 November Cybersecurity Presentation
2022 October Website Builder Tool Presentation
2022 September Impact of Vehicle Automation on the Public Transportation Workforce Presentation
2022 August Social Media and Marketing Presentation
2022 July Wayfinding for People with Cognitive Disabilities Presentation
2022 June Virtual Public Involvement Presentation
2022 May Lessons Learned from Implementing New Technology Presentation
2022 April Protecting PII Presentation
2022 March Controlling Pathogens Presentation
2022 February Vehicle Collision Avoidance System Presentation
2022 January Michigan Mobility Funding Platform Presentation
2022 July Emerging Transit Tech: Wayfinding for People with Cognitive Disabilities Video
2022 July Enabling Tech: Kenny's Work Transportation Video
2023 April Battery-electric Cutaways and Vans Presentation
2023 May The Road to QR Code Comfort Presentation
2023 July HR in a Tech-Based World Presentation