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Road Safety Audits

A road with a dedicated turn lane and pedestrian crossing for safety.
Department of Transportation

Road Safety Audits

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is a formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent, multi-disciplinary RSA team. There are eight steps in the RSA process and this process is used as a tool to help achieve strategic safety goals.

RSA include:

  • Identify the project.
  • Select an RSA team.
  • Conduct a kick-off meeting.
  • Perform field reviews at various times and under different circumstances (if applicable).
  • Conduct analysis and prepare a report.
  • Present findings to project owner.
  • Prepare a formal response.
  • Incorporate findings.

RSAs can be conducted at any stage of a project and includes consideration of all users of the road or intersection. RSAs contribute to road safety by providing a fresh, unbiased assessment of the area or intersection to identify issues and solutions.