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Welcome Center Literature Policy

Approval Procedure

A supplier wishing to distribute brochures through MDOT’s Welcome Center Program must submit a copy of the brochure to the literature coordinator for approval. When approved, the supplier will receive a commodity code and instructions for sending brochures to the central MDOT Distribution Warehouse in Lansing.

Questions? Contact Todd Tolbert, MDOT Welcome Center literature coordinator, at or 517-719-3374.

Note: If major changes are made in the brochure after approval, the brochure must be submitted again for review by the literature coordinator.

A copy of any new, or revised, literature must be sent to:

MDOT Warehouse
Attention: Todd Tolbert
State Secondary Complex
7575 Crowner Dr.
Lansing, MI 48913

Phone: 517-719-3374
Hours: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Welcome Center Vendor Information Updates Form (0974)


The supplier must ship the literature pre-paid to the distribution warehouse. Welcome centers cannot accept literature to be transferred to the distribution warehouse or to other welcome centers.

For literature returns, the supplier must pick up the literature or make pre-paid shipping arrangements.

For timely distribution of dated and seasonal information, literature should be supplied to the distribution warehouse at least 60 days prior to the event or opening date.


The literature coordinator will recommend to the supplier a minimum and maximum number of brochures for distribution. The coordinator will determine the distribution location of each brochure unless specified by the supplier.

Brochures in excess of the recommended number will be recycled.

Brochure Criteria

  • Printed materials must promote Michigan tourism and furnish pertinent information about destinations, attractions, activities, events, or points of interest which allow admission to the general public, and generally attract visitors from beyond the immediate proximity of the destination, attraction, activity, event, or point of interest (e.g., beyond 50 miles).
  • Additional Michigan-specific information will be accepted when it is deemed beneficial or informative.
  • The recommended brochure size is approximately 3.5-4 inches wide and 8.5-9 inches high. State and regional tourism association brochures may be exempt from these restrictions. The title should be at the top of the brochure for display purposes.
  • Brochure material should be of sufficient weight to stand up in display racks without wilting.
  • All material must be provided free of charge to the welcome centers.
  • Brochures with admission prices, dates and times open, etc., must be current. Outdated or nearly outdated literature will not be accepted without prior approval from the literature coordinator.
  • If brochure has a pre-marked price on it, the price must be covered. All literature provided at the Welcome Centers is provided free of charge to travelers.
  • Any change of property name, address, and/or features should be immediately reported to the literature coordinator.
  • Brochures should be assembled, folded and banded in even counts. Inserts should be attached when received by the distribution warehouse. The total quantity should be marked on each carton and no carton should exceed 50 lbs. Cartons can be shipped on skids, if needed, provided all cartons are firmly secured to the skid.
  • The publication date (month and year) should be printed on a corner of the brochure. The commodity code should be printed on the back of each brochure.
  • Welcome center managers will determine how and where to display brochures in each welcome center. The determination will be influenced by available space and/or quantities.

Unacceptable Brochures

The following brochures will not be allowed in the Welcome Centers:

  • No political or religious brochures will be accepted.
  • No brochures that rate travel attractions, events and/or accommodations, regardless of the rating system or method of evaluation.
  • No brochures that promote properties to which admission to the destination, attraction, event, activity, or point of interest is based on a membership fee or other means of exclusive admission, rather than general admission open to the public.
  • No real estate sales/timeshare sales brochures.
  • No brochures containing offensive language or pictures that could be defined as being in bad taste or deemed inappropriate for distribution. The final decision will be made by the literature coordinator.
  • Business cards will not be displayed except in conjunction with approved product promotions.
  • No brochures for businesses that do not predominately attract/appeal directly to the traveling public. That tourists/travelers may visit does not automatically qualify the business as a tourism destination, attraction, and/or business.
  • No brochure in which less than 70 percent of its content is devoted to Michigan tourism specific destinations and/or attractions.
  • Be advised that MDOT will not distribute literature that contains duplicate information to another piece of literature. There is not sufficient shelf space for literature that has duplicate information (e.g., separate events pamphlet where events are listed in main travel planner). In this regard, priority for display will go to destination marketing organization publications. Publications made up primarily of paid ads will be given a lower priority status.

The Michigan Department of Transportation reserves the right to distribute any brochures deemed appropriate to fulfilling the travel needs of the welcome center visitor. We also reserve the right to refuse the distribution of any brochure deemed inappropriate to fulfilling the needs of the welcome center visitor.