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Internship Program

MDOT staff working with an intern on the M-3 (Gratiot Avenue) project in Macomb County.
Department of Transportation

Internship Program

MDOT's Internship Program offers undergraduate/graduate students interested in civil engineering, civil technology, construction management and land surveying the opportunity to gain work experience, develop professional competence and long-range career goals, integrate work experiences with academic knowledge, and establish a professional network.

With our program, internship students will gain valuable experience by working with professional field staff who provide engineering and inspection services and are responsible for overseeing highway and bridge construction contracts throughout Michigan. 

Internship Program Advantages:

  • Allows students to gain practical experience and solid understanding of work in civil engineering and civil engineering technology.
  • Provides an opportunity to earn income which will help to cover the cost of a college education.
  • Helps students relate the academic and industrial worlds - see how information covered in classes is related to industry and government.

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The 2024 Internship Program is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Program Information

    • Open to all undergraduate/graduate students currently enrolled and studying in the engineering and technology fields with priority to civil engineering, civil technology, construction management, land surveying, planning, and geographic information systems.
    • Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher.
    • First year students must have earned a minimum of 24 semester credits or 36 term credits before program entry.
    • Returning students must show reasonable accumulation of credits, up to the maximum number of years allowed in the program (six years). Student must have earned at least the following number of credits for each returning year:
    • 2nd year - 36 semester credits or 51 term credits
    • 3rd year - 48 semester credits or 66 term credits
    • 4th year - 60 semester credits or 81 term credits
    • 5th year - 72 semester credits or 96 term credits
    • 6th year - 84 semester credits or 111 term credits
    • Last semester official college transcript and current course schedule to be attached to the online application (college transcript is not required for first semester/term students).
    • Successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen.
    • Valid driver's license.

    Failure to meet the above requirements for new and returning students will result in forfeiting any rights of consideration for employment or, if hired, will lead to dismissal.

    The program may require a Certification in Federal Material Testing and Sampling Methods (involves passing a written and proficiency exam to be completed after hire).

  • Salary
    Minimum starting salary is $18.02 per hour. This pay rate became effective Oct. 1, 2023.

    Travel Expenses
    As a condition of employment, internship students are expected to accept the initial assignment location of the season with no travel expense reimbursement. Subsequent transfers to locations more than 25 miles from the initial assignment location may be eligible for travel expense reimbursement.

  • Work Assignments
    In an on-the-job training capacity, work assignments could include performing entry and intermediate level work including but not limited to inspection, testing, surveying, design plans, and project administration for the department road, bridge, and facilities programs.

    Work Schedule and Maximum Program Years
    The work period can last up to six months (May 1 – Oct. 31) per calendar year for a maximum of six years in the program, depending on the department's operational needs. The standard bi-weekly work period is 80 hours. Overtime, when applicable, is paid beyond 80 hours bi-weekly and 8 hours daily.

    The assignment will be to an MDOT location/site. Most of the openings are in or near major population centers. Assignments take into consideration location preferences provided on the application.

  • In a training capacity, students will perform intermediate and experience level technical work related to inspection, testing, surveying, design of plans, and project administration for MDOT. The will also perform intermediate and experience level work assisting engineers and technicians in traffic, soils and data analysis.

    • Use MDOT specifications to inspect asphalt placement, concrete placement, and bridge work.
    • Conduct traffic plan review and inspection.
    • Measure material quantities.
    • Read and interpret construction plans.
    • Verify slope, elevation, and horizontal and vertical alignment of roadways.
    • Compute areas, volumes, and thicknesses to ensure contractor compliance.
    • Perform concrete quality control testing by means of air, slump, and temperature tests.
    • Perform strength tests of concrete cylinders.
    • Perform sieve analysis, collect material and soil samples, and report the testing result.
    • Use survey equipment to provide assistance and support to construction or design survey crews.
    • Compute and set grades, place grade stakes, and perform construction alignment and layout.
    • Check and verify control points as well as witness and document points for future reference.
    • Use survey programs to compute and develop topographical and cross sectional diagrams.
    • Perform design surveys, pick-up work, and check existing layouts.
    • Maintain survey equipment.
    • Use design programs to assist in the development of plans, specifications, and proposals for project letting.
    • Deliver test samples.
    • Analyze various technical data.
    • Compile documentation.
    • Conduct and assist in design and project file organization.