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A blue train engine with its lights on pulling rail cars.
Department of Transportation


Michigan’s rail system has approximately 3,600 miles of rail corridors, operated by 29 railroads. Four of the seven Class I railroads operate in Michigan. The system carries about 17 percent of all the state’s freight tonnage and 21 percent of the commodities by value. This system also supports three intercity passenger-rail routes. The system is almost exclusively privately owned and financed by the railroad industry. 

Railroads are primarily regulated at the federal level, including interstate commerce, train speeds, train horns, quiet zones, train signals and other railroad operations.

MDOT's Office of Rail works to ensure that Michigan’s rail system meets the economic needs of the state and is safe for the motoring public, rail passengers and railroad employees.


General Inquiries 
Ouida Ford | 517-335-1902
(E-mails will be directed to rail staff.)

Media Inquiries
Michael Frezell | 517-281-6519