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US-127 Corridor Project

MDOT will be improving the US-127 corridor from the Ingham/Jackson county line north to the I-69 interchange. Work is being broken into several projects between summer 2022 through summer 2026. The majority of work for these projects will take place over several phases.

Learn more about the US-127 Corridor project.

  • The US-127/I-496 rebuilding project between I-96 and I-496 is a two-year project that began in fall 2023 and is expected to last through the end of 2025. The work is broken down into several phases with projects taking place asynchronously.

    Northbound US-127 rebuilding is the current phase of work and will continue to the end of the year. Additional phases and updates will be provided when applicable.

      • Rebuilding 3.7 miles of US-127 from I-96 to I-496.
      • Rebuilding the Dunckel Road and Trowbridge Road interchange ramps.
      • Work on 18 bridges.
      • Rebuilding Trowbridge Road at US-127.
      • Adding freeway lighting from Dunckel Road to Trowbridge Road.
  • The northbound side of US-127 is closed during this year's work, with northbound and southbound lanes sharing the southbound side. Road zipper moveable barrier wall will be in place to provide additional access to these lanes and promote smooth traffic flow during peak travel hours (two northbound lanes/one southbound lane in the morning, one northbound lane/two southbound lanes in the evening).

  • Areas under construction should be avoided during the peak travel times of 8-9 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and take alternate routes during this time to avoid extended delays.

  • Closed roads and specific detours based on those closures are posted on Mi Drive. Drivers can also, of course, take any alternate route on local roads as long as their vehicle is legal for those roads. Some local roads have restrictions in place regarding commercial and other large vehicles.

  • Yes. MDOT has worked extensively with Lansing-area municipalities and emergency responders to ensure access to hospitals.

  • MDOT complies with all local municipalities’ noise ordinances in East Lansing and Lansing. Crews will work to ensure the majority of the work takes place during the working hours of 7a.m. - 8 p.m.

  • Yes, work zones have slower speed limits for the safety of everyone. Follow these posted speed limits to ensure everyone, including yourself and any passengers you may have, make it home to their families every night.

  • Visit Mi Drive for up-to-date traffic information on state roads (I, M and US routes).

  • Contact the project team at