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Prevailing Wage Compliance

Prevailing Wage Information

Required Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts - FHWA 1273

U.S. Department of Labor Wage Determinations

Special Provision

Labor Compliance - 12SP-107G-03

Jobsite Poster Deficiencies - 12SP-150A-02

Notice To Bidders

Fraud and Abuse Hotline Notification

Oversight Procedures: Proper Documentation

Required Contractor Form

Contractor's Certified Payroll (Form 1955)

Required Apprentice Documentation

Apprentice Certification Letter

Apprentice Agreement

Sample Notification Letters

Deficient Notice 1

Deficient Notice 2

Delinquent Notice 1

Delinquent Notice 2

Required Jobsite Postings

The contractor must ensure all labor compliance posters and the project specific prevailing wage rates are posted on the construction site, in a conspicuous area, prior to the commencement of work. Jobsite postings should be discussed at the pre-construction meeting. Additional information regarding jobsite posters can be located in the MDOT Construction Manual in Division 1 Section 1.07.

Construction Manual

Training: Understanding Prevailing Wage Oversight Procedures



Prevailing Wage Components

Contract Documents

Wage Decisions

Wage Rate Interviews

Certified Payrolls

Truck Drivers

LCPtracker - Contractor

MDOT Wage Classification Understandings

2024 MDOT Prevailing Wage Trucker Guidance

Open Cut / Underground Classifications

Understanding Guardrail

Working Foreman / Superintendent

2023 Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Minimum Weighted Overtime

Truck Driver - Sample Fringe Calculation

Overtime Qualifications Salaried Workers

Contractor Ownership and Prevailing Wages

2023 Final Rule: DBRA Regulations

Prevailing Wage Assistance

Prevailing Wage Region Coordinators


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